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Cali carts  Gold falls more heavily on the Indica side, with a split of about 80/20. This means that it has some pretty potent Indica effects, which most likely come from its Jah OG Kush parent. OG Kush is one of the most common strains to choose to breed with another strain to make a dank strain thanks to its very high THC percentage, as well as its world-famous flavors. This is also what gives Cali Gold its Indica-dominance, as most OG Kush phenotypes from the Netherlands are Indica-dominant.

If you haven’t heard about the Cali carts vape hype surrounding THC and CBD vape pens or cartridges, then this summary is perfect to bring you up to speed! The vape business is huge out on the West Coast, and it’s rapidly expanding. Many different companies including Brass Knuckles Cartridges, Stiizy Pods, Select Vape Pen, are tapping into the demand, supplying pre-filled vape cartridges attached to the best 510 thread battery you can find.

Not all that’s gold glitters though, so it’s important that you do your research before simply jumping onto the bandwagon. Some cartridges use oil that contains pesticides, which can be extremely dangerous for your health. Live Resin Cartridges, pre-filled wax cartridges, cartridge vape pens, etc. have also been known to contain Propylene Glycol or other thinning agents. Whilst the FDA approves these substances as fit for human consumption (which technically means that they’re okay to consume), this does not necessarily make them safe to vaporize.

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